Does Acupuncture Have an Effect on Losing Weight?

The Chinese introduced the world to Acupuncture but many individuals have embraced it as a way of life. It is important to state that beyond helping people to lose weight there are other things that have been tied to Acupuncture. One of them includes the ability to help people enjoy a good state of mind. Beyond the arguments that may tilt to various angles, we will be looking at the findings of several leaders in the industry. We will try to dissect why they came to certain conclusions and how it affects the reality of your weight loss challenge. We must state that some of these facts are not based on clinically endorsed studies so you must read with an open heart.

Picture of woman using acupuncture during a 2 week diet for weight lossThe Ancient Chinese believe that Acupuncture helps with weight loss and one of the leading weight loss experts in New York agrees to this fact. She states that the body has pressure points that determine our overall weight. She asserted that when pressure is placed on those key positions, it can help to set up a system that helps us burn fat. According to her, a revelation from her recent studies shows that all the personnel who she has worked with do have positive results. In order to buttress her point, she showed mails she received from clients all around the world to attest to the use of Acupuncture in weight loss.

A leading force in the diet and nutrition industry named Brian Flat in the 2 week diet review also raised other salient points. He said that Acupuncture by itself may produce some results but that it may not last for the long haul. He said it is advisable to use a program that encompasses various channels that deliver with precision. One of the channels is the use of the 2 week diet program. This handles issues that affect your mind, the issues that border on exercise and nutrition. In all, Brian states that he has seen more people lose weight and stay that way with his program than through the use of any other channel.

Acupuncture needsIn order to lay credence to this fact, Brian has challenged other experts in his field to show evidence of people who lost weight through Acupuncture and stayed that way for over 3 years. He said the emphasis should not just be on weight loss but the ability to stay fit for many years. He asserted that his program offers what others may not give and that he is proud of his accomplishments.

A group of experts who came together as a panel to look at the role of Acupuncture in losing weight came to some conclusions. They said that the method has its advantages but that it was not the ultimate way of staying fit. They believed that Acupuncture could be combined with programs such as the 2 week diet plan if the right results must be achieved. In all, the experts advised people to do their personal research before embarking on a weight loss program.